World Events that Impacted my Life

There are many events that have happened for many years around the world. In this blog I will be talking about certain events that impacted life before my life, during my life, and my future life.


World War 2

The first event I’d like to talk about is World War 2. World War 2 is an event that affected not just the Philippines, but even other countries around the world. It was a time when certain countries had certain conflicts with each other to the point there were 2 main conflicting sides, the Axis (countries include Germany, Italy, to name a few) and the Allied(United States, France, Britain, etc.) Powers. This is something that affected my life because the Philippines after World War 2 was devastated because of the damage brought about by the War. Manila (the capital) was heavily damaged due to the war, and many people lost their lives. Imagining if I was living during a time like this scares me because of the chaos and the amount of deaths that happened during this period. I could’ve potentially been one of the casualties had I’ve been living in this period. But it’s something that made me realize that conflicts can go so far to the point where other people/countries could get involved even if they were not part of the initial conflict.

Martial Law

Martial Law was an event that changed a lot in the country. Ferdinand Marcos first declared Martial Law on the month of September, 1972, and it lasted for many years until 1981. Within that period, and even after that, however, a lot of unrest between the government and the people. Looking back at it, it’s something that impacted my life mainly because of what happened during this time. At the time, while urban crime may have been reduced, all the power went to the president (Ferdinand Marcos). During this, cases of corruption, abuse of power of the president, and human rights was prevalent. This is present even at times like now. It made me realize how far people were willing to go for money, power or control.



9/11 or the 9/11 attacks were a series of terrorists attacks where they used hijacked planes to commit acts of terror. After the event, US economy was severely affected and many people lost their lives. But it was a time where everyone upped their security regarding terrorism as a result. In addition, a lot of countries banded together in order to combat the rising threat in terrorism. It affects me a lot because this event actually happened around the time I was born. It hurts to think that something terrible could occur just out of nowhere or a time when people didn’t expect it to happen like that. But it’s nice seeing how people or countries can come together to combat a rising threat or conflict.

Social Media

Today, social media may be one of the things that most, if not all, people use worldwide. Back in the 2000s, however(around the time when I was born), it wasn’t as popular or well-known today. But it was in the process of being developed, and eventually more people started using it. It has helped other people connect to people much easier, whether it would be from within the same country, or from other parts of the world. Even I find myself using social media as a way to connect with people I’ve befriended online. It has also even offered opportunities for people to find jobs, or even use it as a way to help promote companies or businesses. It’s really amazing on how versatile social media came to be from its early beginning back in the 2000s.


COVID-19 Pandemic and the rise of technology

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a worldwide event that is on the forefront on most news today. It’s really crazy to think how far a virus could spread in a span of a few months. As a result of COVID-19, people have been forced to stay mainly indoors and a lot of activity has been restricted. This has also resulted in an increase of usage in technology by many people since activities outdoors have been lessened. An example here would be in the education aspect. Due to the pandemic, classes in-person have been called off in a lot of countries, even in the school I go to. This has made students and teachers adapt to an education where technology is a key factor in delivering lectures, or teaching. This could potentially develop into an education wherein people wouldn’t need to go to school (the physical building). And since the COVID pandemic is still pretty much present as of this time, people may be forced to adapt or get used to social distancing, using technology much more often than usual, and much more.



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